Dahlilah Oval Engagement Ring 1ct.

August 27, 2018

1ct. oval engagement rings

"Certain things in life simply have to be experienced & never explained. Love is such a thing" - Paulo Coelho 

Love is certainly an unexplainable feeling, the butterflies, the excitement, a full heart & not being able to picture your life without them.

Engagements are such an expression of love & I love nothing more than being apart of that everlasting memory, especially when I get to make such pretties like our Dahlilah Halo Ring for you to wear for the rest of your life as a reminder of that special day! Shown is a 1ct Oval Diamond but we can customize this with a bigger or smaller stone or even a sapphire. Feel free to contact us to discuss your dream ring.

Heather Charlick
Heather Charlick

Hello There! I'm Heather-a jewelry artist living with my beloved husband & horses in the rolling hills of Tennessee. I make vintage inspired engagement rings for the romantic bride. I would love to help you custom design your dream ring, so feel free to contact me anytime.

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