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This is what love looks like

gyspy vanner horse

We talk a lot about love around these parts. After all my job is helping couples who are in love create the ring of dreams. My other great love besides pretty shiny things are my horses. This is Liberty Belle...Libby or Libs for short. She is my red, white & blue eyed girl.
She is a Gypsy Vanner and has hair for days. She is sweet and fiery and goofy all at the same time. And I love her to the moon and back. Not to mention her hair-do's are famously epic and always good for a laugh. You will see more of her and her hair if you hang around here long enough. She makes for good material.

ring sizing

It is always better to get your size correctly the first time around. Not only do we want you to love your ring upon arrival, we want to ensure that it fits you perfectly. So if you do not know your ring size already we will be happy to help you out with that.

Best way to find her ring size?
Hello new friend!