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Grey Rose Cut Diamond Ring Halo Vintage

What Every Future Bride Should Know About Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are my personal favorites and are something that we specialize in. As a future bride considering picking a halo engagement ring, you probably have a lot of questions about them!  Read More >>
Teal Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring

Montana Sapphires for Engagement Rings

Montana Sapphires are known for their intense teal color which sets it apart from other sapphires you may have seen. Montana Sapphires are also known for their brilliance & clarity. Read More >>
The Secret to Affordable Engagement Rings

The Secret to Affordable Engagement Rings

Don’t get daunted by the cost of getting a ring for the one you love, for there are plenty of options of affordable engagement rings.Find out how to choose the one perfect for you. Read More >>

white gold emerald cut art deco halo ring

The Fascinating History Behind Art Deco Engagement RIngs

Engagement rings from the Art Deco era are some of the most recognizable and are still highly sought after nearly 100 years later. If you love the design of Art Deco rings and you want to aim for a timeless, elegant and vintage look, discover the fascinating history behind them.     Read More >>

rose gold halo engagement ring vintage style

4 Reasons Why Rose Gold Engagement Rings are Perfect for the Romantic Bride

Are you aiming for that romantic bride-to-be look? Then rose gold engagement rings can be a perfect choice for your vintage style wedding.  Read More >>
Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Vintage Engagement Rings: How to Pick Out the Perfect One For You

What image comes to mind when you picture yourself wearing your perfect engagement ring? Do you see a piece of jewelry with a timeless elegance which symbolizes your eternal love? Read More >>

Vintage Style Oval Halo Engagement Ring

Custom Engagement Rings- Sam & Cyle

We love to share our custom engagement rings with you, but one of our favorite things is also sharing their proposal/engagement story. For some reason it always makes me so happy!  Read More >>
Art Deco Ballerina Ring

Shout Out From

I remember when I got engaged the first thing I did was start looking at (ok, stalking) wedding blogs. One of my favorites was I was so excited to be featured by them on their blog.  Read More >>
Rose Gold Milgrain Engagement Ring

Milgrain Engagement Rings; Everything You Need To Know

What exactly is milgrain engraving and why is it so special? Well, we are happy to enlighten you since vintage detail engagement rings are our passion! Read More >>

Grey Diamond Rose Cut Engagement Ring Vintage

How Much Should You Really Spend On an Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are one of the most valued and meaningful purchases you will make. But how much should you really spend on an Engagement Ring? We will be happy to fill you in!   Read More >>
Art Deco Halo Baguette Engagement Ring

Art Deco Engagement Rings Why We Love Them

Art Deco Engagement Rings are elegant, timeless and so very classic. This is why we offer so many different styles of both Art Deco wedding bands and Art Deco Engagement Rings. Read More >>
salt and pepper rose cut diamond

Swooning over Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Diamonds

Salt & Pepper diamonds were all the rage this buying season at the Tucson Gem Show which I attend every February. Dealers, miners, artists and stone cutters...Read More >>

Montana Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring 14K

Sapphire Engagement Rings are the New Diamonds

Sapphire engagement rings are the new diamonds. Not only are they sometimes indistinguishable from diamonds if they are white they also come in beautiful easter egg colors giving your beloved lots of choices to create a unique engagement ring. Read More >>
Rose Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

We get this question all the time so we thought we would take a few minutes and share with you the legacy of the rose cut diamond, which has an interesting story. Read More >>
What is Moissanite?

What is Moissanite?

We all know diamonds are a girls best friend, however if you are searching for an affordable diamond alternative, Moissanite may be just the thing for you. Read More >>

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