Planning A Surprise Proposal

September 18, 2019

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So, you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with (insert a sigh of relief), but now you’ve got another big question mark looming over your head… “How do I propose?” Or “how will they propose?”

 Getting engaged is one of those MAJOR moments in life that most of us have been dreaming about since we were children. Whether we’re old-fashioned romantics, grand amour extremists or simplistic sentimentalists… It seems like there’s a lot of emotional pressure tied to this moment. For this very reason we have compiled some of our FAVORITE surprise proposal ideas, ranging in style, to help inspire you! And for those folks like us who are just along the ride, suckers for a good love story, grab the tissue box!


Where You First Met

Surprise ProposalCredit: The Majestic Life

 Maybe your first encounter with your love was at a café, maybe you met in school… Maybe, just maybe you’re two emergency professionals, like the couple in the photo above! No matter where the location of the encounter, the first place you laid eyes on the love of your life holds an incredibly special energy. Why not use that energy to create the most significant and romantic proposal ever?

 Doctor Cassie Majestic and her now Husband Chris Nigg, a fireman, met while Cassie was working in the ER. He was bringing in a paramedic with a needle stick, who was in need of medical attention. Is that kismet or what?! This incredible encounter was always a wonderful story the couple shared and Chris decided to bring things full circle with a surprise proposal to Cassie in the halls of that very same ER.

 Take Chris’ lead. The location doesn’t need to be bedazzled with balloons and roses, if its filled with personal significance and decked out with people you love! It also never hurts to have an incredible photographer to capture the whole scene.


 Riding Off Into The Sunset

Cowgirl Proposal

Photo Credit: Amanda Ebsen

 So, you have an animal lover on your hands? Are they head over heels for paws, hooves, flippers or all of the above? Tying animals into a proposal gives us ALL the feels! From puppy presents with custom dog tags stating, “Will you marry me?” To snorkeling surrounded by beautiful fish, writing the big question on a laminated board. Animals add something really beautiful and sentimental to any engagement.

 This farrier used his talent to incorporate he and his partners shared passion for horses into his proposal. He actually customized a horseshoe to pop the question to the love of his life! I’m not crying. It’s a hay allergy. You’re crying.


Project Your Love

They’re the star in your life; why not make your sweetheart the lead of his or her own motion picture show? We love a good DIY engagement and this backyard project definitely checked all of our boxes. It just goes to show that sometimes all you need is a comfy blanket, some pillows, a pop up projector and paper bag lanterns to make a fairytale come true.

 We’re not entirely sure about the specifics of what was played on the big screen before he popped the question, but we’re saying “YES!” to all of these details!


Something Festive


Holidays are a magical time, which makes them ideal timing for engagements. We all have our personal favorites. Christmas season has definitely taken the lead for quite some time, as far as engagements are concerned but after seeing this scene fall may be our absolute favorite proposal season of all!

 We love the creativity behind the carving of these pumpkins. Can you imagine searching a patch for the perfect jack-o-lantern, only to stumble across the most romantic gesture of your life?!

 The seasonal themed engagement possibilities are endless, but thinking outside the box is what takes things to the next level.


Going to great heights


Location, location, location. Looking for the perfect landscape to seal the deal? Listen to the details, tune in to the places your significant other has shared throughout your relationship. Did they take a family trip to Vale to snowboard every year, where they also made snow angels? Have they told you about a bucket list trip to New York to walk through Central Park? They are actually giving you they key to getting down on one knee!

 A trip may not be realistic for every couple, but, you can absolutely incorporate elements of these locations into the proposal to make things personal!

 The lucky lady above, a Rouge Luxe Bride, Samantha Savage, was fortunate that her prince charming had definitely done his homework! She grew up in Arizona and felt a deep love for the desert and the cactus covered mountains. She had been asking her fiancé to go hiking for a very long time. Little did she know… they would eventually get up on a desert mountain, but, to her surprise she would be in a dress and he would have a diamond ring in hand. Now that’s what surprise proposal dreams are made of!

Every couple is unique and proposals, just like people are not one size fits all. At the end of the day, the proposal should fit your relationship and your story. The heart of the matter is that when you’re about to ask your person to spend FOREVER with you… you really can’t go wrong!

And of course, if you need help picking out the perfect engagement ring we would be happy to help you out! Take our What's my Engagement Ring Style Ring Quizor email us and we would love to answer your questions.

Heather Charlick
Heather Charlick

Hello There! I'm Heather-a jewelry artist living with my beloved husband & horses in the rolling hills of Tennessee. I make vintage inspired engagement rings for the romantic bride. I would love to help you custom design your dream ring, so feel free to contact me anytime.

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