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Swooning over Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Diamonds

salt and pepper rose cut diamond

3 ct. Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Diamond Scarlett Halo Ring

Why Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Diamonds

Salt & Pepper diamonds were all the rage this buying season at the Tucson Gem Show which I attend every February. Dealers, miners, artists and stone cutters all converge in the desert and present their best finds for the year.

It is an important place to see whats new, whats up and coming and what stones are hot. Now it is no secret that I have been a big fan of rose cut I chose one for my own engagement ring. I love the old world feel and how they are imperfect, yet beautiful at the same time. And each one is unique...kind of like every marriage. Ok...not just kind of...exactly.

salt and pepper rose cut diamond

This year Salt & Pepper diamonds were in high demand. If you saw better buy them because if you walked off to think about it...they were gone. I have a lovely client in California who I was on the hunt for the perfect Grey rose cut diamond for a ring I was making for her. And these were perfect.

I have one special vendor that over the years I have developed a relationship with. He always has the best Grey, Salt & Pepper and colored rose cut diamonds. The quality is always exquisite but you have to get to his booth early because his inventory goes fast. Kind of like lining up early on black friday, which I won't do. But I will always get up early for diamonds. 

I was at his booth 10 minutes after he opened and I strolled right upon the most beautiful 3 ct grey diamond I ever did see. I don't know how it happened but it begged to come home with me. It looked so lost there with all the smaller diamonds and it obviously needed a home. That's my story and I am sticking to it.  


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