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octahedron diamond

Octahedron diamonds are all one-of-a-kind and no two are alike. They are diamonds in their purest, raw, natural form before they are cut. We love the rugged, rustic and untamed look.

An true octahedron diamond has 8 facets and resembles a double pyramid shape. They are rare and hard to find.

The faceting of diamonds actually did not begin until the 1600's. For thousands of years prior to that diamonds were used in their raw form...which is an octahedron. Their rich natural beauty was highly coveted and their settings were all unique.

Octahedron and raw diamonds were worn exclusively by royals and the aristocracy in ancient times, before polishing techniques were mastered dating back to the Egyptian times.

They commonly are available in white, yellow, cognac and the ever elusive pink. When you order your ring we will help you to choose your favorite from our inventory. 

Your incredibly unique uncut diamond may have tiny inclusions and beautiful naturally formed facets which are part of a rough diamonds character and depth. Instead of the bright light and sparkle…a rough diamond with have a more subtle beauty and glow…exactly how nature intended a diamond to be.

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